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The Basics of Sound Healing is where you start your journey to become an Internationally Accredited Sound Therapist with Sound Healing School UK.

As Activation 1, you receive your foundation qualification that allows you to apply for the Certificate and then the Diploma.

This course may be taken online (from anywhere in the world) or in-person (in Godalming, Surrey).

If you decide to take the Diploma at a later date, the cost will be reimbursed against the full training cost.

Are you ready to start?  

Upcoming Dates:




5th, 12th & 19th June 2024

In-Person (Godalming, Surrey):


2nd May 2024

20th June 2024


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Sound Healing School UK presents The Basics of Sound Healing.


We consider the historical, technical and spiritual aspects of sound and how it aids mental and physical recovery.


This course is Internationally Accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.


It may be taken as a standalone course, for anyone interested. It also forms part of Sound Healing School UK's Accredited Sound Therapy Training - Activation 1. See the Accredited Training page for further information. "This is a really good guide to learning more about sound healing.  


The schedule is as follows:

Part 1 - Introduction and History of Sound Healing

Discover the ancient origins of sound healing - from the enchanting Himalayan mountains to Chinese bells, sound was significant all over the world!


Part 2 - The Technical Aspects of Sound Healing

We examine the technical aspects of sound healing - resonance, frequency and cymatics all feature - with some incredible videos to illustrate.


Part 3 - Sound and Spirituality

We delve into the spiritual side of sound healing. With a look at chakras and intent and intuition. You will also discover where to find out more - further training and purchasing bowls for yourself. We close with a nourishing sound meditation each week.


This course includes:

Friendly, interactive sessions

Guided meditation

Notes with interesting exercises to complete together

Private Facebook group for attendees of the course to share links

Suggested exercises to expand your awareness at home

Recommended bibliography, training and advice on where to purchase your bowls and accessories


Further info:

This course has been designed and is presented by Sound Healing Teacher, Rebecca Barabich (creator of Heron Moon and Sound Healing School UK) Rebecca is registered and fully insured Rebecca is Accredited by the IPHM - International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine


A Certificate of Attendance is provided upon graduation.

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